Elizabeth Cunningham appointed as Senior Legal Member of the BSB's Education and Training Committee

We are pleased to announce that Elizabeth Cunningham, our Associate Member, and formerly head of the Albion Employment Team has been appointed as a senior Legal Academic Member of the Bar Standard's Board's Education and Training Committee.

The Education and Training Committee oversees all regulatory activity relating to education and training for the Bar. This includes setting the standards of education and training that people must pass before being able to practise as barristers, together with the further training requirements that barristers must comply with throughout their careers. In the next twelve to 18 months the work of the committee is significant as the authorisation framework for the new models of training for the Bar are introduced. The teaching and assessment of ethics, as well as the development of pupillage and work-based learning, are key matters on which the committee will be focussed.

We congratulate Liz on her excellent achievement.