Lexis Nexis E-Bulletin Series: Contempt Proceedings and Contempt of Court - The Compendium

The Series

Richard Shepherd was commissioned by Lexis Nexis to review, research and redraft the Lexis Nexis Professional Practice Notes on Committal-type Proceedings and Contempt of Court.  Lexis Nexis kindly gave permission for Albion Chambers to reproduce some of the content of the practice notes in this e-bulletin series.

Lexis Nexis PSL

Lexis Nexis PSL provides an in-depth view of the material used in these e-bulletins.  In one convenient location Lexis Nexis PSL provides case comments, articles, links to the relevant legislation and critical analysis of the key aspects of this field.  These additional layers supplement the practice notes, giving a much deeper understanding of the area.

This e-bulletin

This compendium e-bulletin is intended to provide a single, convenient reference point, giving links to the individual bulletins in the series.  It is hoped that this will be of use to practitioners and can be stored for future reference.

1/12 - Nuts and Bolts

2/12 - The Application and Supporting Evidence - a Strict Regime

3/12 - Sentencing

4/12 - Hearings in Absence and in Private

5/12 - Discontinuance, Defects and Strike-Outs

6/12 - False Statements

7/12 - County Courts Act Offences and High Court Certifications

8/12 - Non-compliance with a Court Order or Solicitor's Undertaking

9/12 - Contempt in the Face of the Court

10/12 - Interference with Administration of Justice

11/12 - Writs of Sequestration

12/12 - Appeals, Purges and Discharges


Richard Shepherd