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Welcome to Albion Chambers

Albion Chambers was established over 100 years ago and has an excellent reputation across the Western Circuit for integrity, approachability and the highest quality of advice and advocacy.

Chambers is led by Charles Hyde QC and has 69 barristers including five Queen’s Counsel. There are three door tenants, all of whom are Queen’s Counsel.




Employment Team E-Bulletin - July 2017

Without Prejudice - An Existing Dispute or No Dispute? (A practical guide)

As would be anticipated, the ‘without prejudice’ rule can apply to any employment tribunal claim. It allows parties to communicate with one another regarding settlement discussions, safe in the knowledge that those communications will be confidential and will not be referred to during court proceedings, as long as the communications are about a real dispute and represent a genuine attempt to settle that dispute.

The General Rule

Kannan Siva achieves acquittal in a three-month firearms trial

Kannan Siva of Albion Chambers, leading Tomas Quinn of 4 Kings Bench Walk, helped to secure the acquittal of H at the conclusion of a three-month conspiracy to import firearms trial at the St Albans Crown Court. H was alleged to be the intended buyer of firearms and ammunition and he was acquitted unanimously by the jury of both counts. The "cut-throat" defence advanced on behalf of H was that he was used by others as a decoy to conceal their criminal activities in Holland. A co-defendant was cross-examined to this effect.

Inquest Team E-Bulletin - July 2017

High Court rejects judicial review calling for action to protect prisoners from suicide

Stephen Mooney appointed to Medical Practitioners Tribunals

Chambers is pleased to announce that in addition to his existing appointments as Legally Qualified Chair of Police Misconduct Proceedings and Legal assessor for the Nursing and Midwifery Council, Stephen Mooney has been appointed as a Legally Qualified Chair of Medical Practitioners Tribunals. He will be sitting part-time in Manchester on hearings that will determine issues relating to doctors' fitness to practise. Stephen’s appointments add strength to his practice in Regulatory, Professional Disciplinary and Criminal work.

June 2017

Called to account: Trusts of Land - David Chidgey
Heads of Disagreement - Alexander West
In light of Assoun v Assoun, is a Hadkinson Order still the ultimate nuclear option in family law? - Richard English
Stockpiling - Stephen Roberts

Elizabeth Cunningham appointed as Senior Legal Member of the BSB's Education and Training Committee

We are pleased to announce that Elizabeth Cunningham, our Associate Member, and formerly head of the Albion Employment Team has been appointed as a senior Legal Academic Member of the Bar Standard's Board's Education and Training Committee.

New Recruit to Child Law Team

We are delighted to announce that Libby Harris, formerly of St John's Chambers, has joined our Child Law Team. Libby is an experienced child law practitioner, well-known and highly-regarded throughout the Western Circuit and beyond.

Employment Team E-Bulletin - June 2017 II

Honesty and Integrity in Employment and Disciplinary Proceedings - an update

A fortnight ago, I drafted an e-bulletin commenting on the tension between two recent cases: Malins and the case of Thames Valley, following hot on Malins’ heels. That e-bulletin can be viewed here.

Employment Team E-Bulletin - June 2017

Honesty and/or Integrity - a distinction without a difference?

The Issue

Whether in a pure employment law context or whether looking at professional disciplinary proceedings, a breach of the standards of, or obligations of, honesty and integrity will usually be fatal to the employment or professional relationship.