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Welcome to Albion Chambers

Albion Chambers was established over 100 years ago and has an excellent reputation across the Western Circuit for integrity, approachability and the highest quality of advice and advocacy.

Chambers is led by Charles Hyde QC and has 69 barristers including five Queen’s Counsel. There are three door tenants, all of whom are Queen’s Counsel.




False Statements by Investigators, Contemptible?

Arran Coghlan v Daniel Bailey [2017] EWHC 570 (QB)

This article applies to anybody who may provide a statement to a court or tribunal, whether it be family, crime or civil. It is not hard to imagine the statements of social workers, healthcare professionals, police officers or even lawyers being scrutinised for error or untruths.

Statements of Truth

Inquest Team E-Bulletin - DoLS Inquests

DoLS Inquest: No Longer Mandatory

Christopher Jervis retires from practice

After 50 years of practice from Albion Chambers, Christopher Jervis has retired. We thank Christopher for his contribution to Chambers and the Bar, and send our fondest wishes to him and his wife, Eileen, for a long and happy retirement.

Christopher Jervis retirement photo

Regulatory Team E-Bulletin

Health and Safety Sentencing Guidelines - Sentencing Very Large Companies and Local Authorities

Court of Appeal success for Sarah Pope

Sarah Pope appeared in the Court of Appeal case of Re S (A Child) [2017] EWCA Civ 44, a decision relating to findings of fact in a long-running private dispute about a child. The court overturned one of the trial judge’s findings and considered arguments about the use of ‘similar fact’ or ‘propensity’ evidence in the family courts.

Inquest Team E-Bulletin - March 2017

Tunisia Inquest and Neglect

In the recent inquest into the tragic deaths of 38 holidaymakers on a Tunisian beach, the Coroner HHJ Lorraine-Smith was invited to consider whether or not a finding of neglect should be left to the jury. The submission that it should was made by counsel for the families who sought to argue that there had been “gross neglect” on the part of the tour operator TUI. In a robust judgment the coroner rejected this argument:

Lexis Nexis E-Bulletin Series: Contempt Proceedings and Contempt of Court - The Compendium

The Series

Richard Shepherd was commissioned by Lexis Nexis to review, research and redraft the Lexis Nexis Professional Practice Notes on Committal-type Proceedings and Contempt of Court.  Lexis Nexis kindly gave permission for Albion Chambers to reproduce some of the content of the practice notes in this e-bulletin series.

Lexis Nexis PSL

Lexis Nexis E-Bulletin Series: Contempt Proceedings and Contempt of Court - Part 12

Committal Proceedings and Contempt of Court

12/12 Appeals, Purges and Discharges

Lexis Nexis E-Bulletin Series: Contempt Proceedings and Contempt of Court - Part 11

Committal Proceedings and Contempt of Court

11/12 Writs of Sequestration