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Call: 1990

Sophie Knapp

Albion Chambers

Broad Street Bristol BS1 1DR

  • Overview

    Sophie Knapp is a specialist practitioner, acting for both applicants and respondents in all areas of Family Law. Sophie has particular expertise in both public and private Children Law, specifically acting for local authorities, mothers, fathers, Childrens’ Guardians and other family members (such as Grandparents and step-parents). Many of her cases have involved allegations of sexual, physical or emotional abuse of children mainly arising out of alcohol/substance abuse, but also cases where domestic violence, mental health/depression, Factitious Illness Syndrome and poor cognitive ability have been issues.

    Sophie is an Accredited Mediator.

  • Child Law Public

    Sophie Knapp is an experienced family law barrister who specialises in all aspects of public and private child law. Her areas of expertise include:

    • Emergency protection orders/interim care orders
    • S38(6) assessments
    • Care order/Discharge applications
    • Deprivation of liberty orders/secure accommodation Orders
    • Adoption
    • S.8 orders/Child Arrangement orders
    • Domestic violence
    • Fact finding cases involving serious inflicted injury, sexual abuse allegations, conflicting medical expert opinion
    • Clients with learning disabilities
    • Representation of Children/Re W hearings

    Recent public law cases include:

    • Re R (2018) Representing the Local Authority in case where the mother had made threats to kill her three-year-old son. Issues of physical emotional abuse and neglect. M significant mental health issues and victim of sexual abuse as child herself. M making covert recordings of court proceedings, F from Pakistan allegedly member of ISIS. Issues around fabricated threats from F to M including threats to send boys to Pakistan to become radicalised. Evidence that email account in F’s name set up by M. F now living in Scotland. Reciprocal arrangements between the two countries.
    • Re A (2018) Representing 14-year-old boy in proceedings where the children had made serious physical abuse allegations against the F including punching and use of belt. Re W hearing. 14-year-old giving evidence and present throughout trial. Issues around the extent that he should be involved in the proceedings balance of harm as the child going off the rails in foster care and expressing strong wish to go home to F despite the F’s inability to accept findings made against him. Foreign element as F Algerian and children wanting to go on holiday to Algeria.
    • Re S (2018) Representing a mother of 11 children where there had been significant media attention due to the number of children. Long-standing issues of neglect. M vulnerable witness.
    • Re S (2018) Representing the mother in a case involving inter-sibling allegations of sexual abuse including rape of two sisters and anal rape of a brother.
    • Re (2018) Representing the Guardian in adoption case. Legal argument on party status of a F without PR.
    • Re F (2018) Representing the Guardian where child with possible condition of ectodermal dysplasia (a rare genetic disorder) sustained significant bruising and petechial marks to lower back and buttocks. Conflict of medical opinion as to child’s diagnosis and any link between ED and easy bruising.
    • Re B (2018) Representing M in a case involving M making extremely serious allegations of domestic violence including anal rape and threatening M with a Samurai sword whilst holding child against F and then withdrawing them. Compelling ABE (11 days – ongoing).
    • Re G (2018) In High Court representing Local Authority in deprivation-of-liberty proceedings concerning a teenager.
    • Re S (2017) Representing the Local Authority where the mother was charged as an accomplice to a local high-profile murder where immediate aftermath of murder witnessed by child. Issues around placement within the family and risk to the child from local community.
    • Re B (2017) Representing the Local Authority in a case involving a 14-year-old mother who had been sent abroad as a victim of forced marriage. Vulnerable witness.
    • Re K (2017) Representing a M in a case where child suffered acute subdural hemorrhages and rib fractures. Findings made against M’s partner.
    • Re C (2017) Representing M in proceedings where M suspected of suffering from factitious illness. Conflict in evidence as to whether fictitious illness or somatisation. Child returned to parents.
    • Re R (2016) representing a paternal grandmother who sought to care for two children. Issues around her ability to protect and collusion with parents where there were significant issues of DV and drug dealing resulting in F’s imprisonment. Professional opinion, including psychological assessment against placement with GM. Court orders placement of children with GM.

    Private Law Cases:

    • Re T (2018) (S9) issues over circumcision, religious upbringing and contact.
    • 2018 enforcement of CAO for contact


Sophie Knapp


  • BA London


  • Accredited Mediator